Playlist In The Mix 2023 – Week 49

(First Air Date: 09/12-23).

Part 1 * Mix Produced By: DJ Scratch, Norway (09/12-23):

Jingle – Opening
Fort Knox Five Ft Asheru – Insight (Original Mix)
J Maurice – Break Em Off (Dirty)
2pac – Catchin’ Feelin’s (Feat. Napolean)
Milli Vanilli – I’s Your Thing
Jay Mar – Goin Do (Dirty)
Yung Eli – Oh Yeah (Dirty)
Law Ft Roger Ortega – Party Like We Used 2 (Dirty)
Robin Beck – The First Time
Min. John E Black – This Is The Day That The Yah Has Made
Jingle – Stand By!

Part 2 * Mix Produced By: DJ Scratch, Norway (09/12-23):

Jingle – Opening
Robbie Neville – C’est La Vie
Dj Dx Ft Dj Madden – Ninja Of Rap (Dirty)
Morriston Orpheus – Deck The Halls
Tah O – Life Short (Dirty)
Frhetoric & Rawiri James – How I Roll (Dirty)
Daddy1 – Easy (Dirty)
Belizean Teazy – Bounce It (Dirty)
Sade – Nothing Can Come Between Us
Music Garden – Christmas Joy
Kryke – Roads (Extended Mix)
Marc Miner – Warrior Princess
Jingle – Stand By!

Part 3 * Mix Produced By: DJ Scratch, Norway (09/12-23):

Jingle – Opening
Johnny Penns – Spirit (I Still Feel) Extended Edit
Tj Brown Aka Kaash – New Harlem (Main)
Marvin Shadex – Going Home Alone (Original Mix)
Dick Hieronymus Ft David Somerville – Nothing To Hide (Jimmy Michaels Album Mix)
Sound Quelle & Dolly Rae – Nobody Knows (Extended Mix)
Yinyang Project – Dumbara
Modera & Blonde Maze – Back Into Your Arms (Extended Mix)
Jingle – Standby

Part 4 * Mix Produced By: DJ Scratch, Norway (09/12-23):

Jingle – Opening
Samira – Envy Me (Trevor Pinto Remix)
Mesa & Boss & Vorwerk & Sarah De Warren – Come Alive (Extended Mix)
Melon, Sleepwalkrs, Dance Fruits Music – Sexyback (Extended Mix)
Eye Xpress – My Koffie (Original Mix)
Lissat & Voltaxx – Hope & Cope (Original Mix)
Donald Wilborn – Manila (Shaun Valentine Baguio Remix)
Jingle – Standby

Part 5 * Mix Produced By: DJ Scratch, Norway (09/12-23) [NET ONLY!]:

Jingle – Opening
Reel 2 Reel – Move Your Body
Gabriella Massa – Wondrous Time
Coeur De Pirate – Carry On (Dj Drew & Michael Mayeda Remix)
Regi & Sem Thomasson Ft Lx – The Party Is Over (Dimaro Remix)
Madistt Ft Brooke Mitchell – Back To You (Coldbeat Remix)
Niko Larsons Ft Steklo – Woo (Extended Mix)
Sønata – Underground (Original Mix)
Diobyte – Oxygen (Extended Mix)
The Supremes – You Keep Me Hanging On
Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf (Amagee Remix)
Miko Spinelli – Move (Original Mix)
Machine – There But For The Grace Of God Go I (Moplen Mix)
Mariah Carey & Brian Mcknight – Whenever You Call
Jingle – Show End

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