Playlist In The Mix 2022 – Week 05

(First Air Date: 05/02-22).

Part 1 * Mix Produced By: DJ Scratch, Norway (05/02-22):

Jingle – Opening
Fastmoney Rk – Got It On Me (Dirty)
Shady Ace – Pull Up (Dirty)
Seeeyegee – Wouldnt Change A Thing (Dirty)
Khalid Brooks – Tommy Gun (Dirty)
Magnanimous & Dakota Arlond – Magnanimous & Dakota Arlond Everythings On Fire (Original Mix)
Melissa J – Lola (Dirty)
Dj Rog O – Whistle Joint (Original Mix)
Kenah – Player (Explicit)
Brazy Luca – Splash (Dirty)
B.V.S.M.P. – I Need You
Jingle – Stand By!

Part 2 * Mix Produced By: DJ Scratch, Norway (05/02-22):

Jingle – Opening
Misterman Cheers – Fully Automatic (Dirty)
Realcyclers – The Message (Real Entertainment Edit)
Joey Ayden – Still Loving You (Radio Edit)
Kaytranada ft. H.E.R. – Intimidated (Original Mix)
Afro Sensei – Feels Good (Original Mix)
Solid Harmonie – So Good ( Skeady Remix)
Q-T Fingers – Get Into The Music
*Nsync – Here We Go (Dj Mighty Mike New Jack Hype Remix)
Niall Horan & Anne-Marie – Everywhere
Jingle – Stand By!

Part 3 * Mix Produced By: DJ Scratch, Norway (05/02-22):

Jingle – Opening
Atwater Village – My Perfect Valentine (Male Version)
Stevie B – Because I Love You
Jennifer Lopez ft Busta Rhymes & Pitbull – On The Floor (DJ Jolly Jam Remix Dirty)
Shalon – Let It Fly (Aaron Demac Deepside Take Mix)
Dubdelay – Lectroguitar (Original Mix)
Metro Beatz – Back In My Arms (Extended Mix)
Steps – A Hundred Years Of Winter
Jingle – Stand By!

Part 4 * Mix Produced By: DJ Scratch, Norway (05/02-22):

Jingle – Opening
Cosmo Key – Deep Space (Original Mix)
Adele – Easy On Me (Chris Burke Bootleg)
Sonic Surfers – Havin’ A Great Time
Nick Strand, Hoaprox, Mio – With You (Ngẫu Hứng) (Erik & Lerry Remix)
Changedfaces – Messiah (Club Mix)
Deveber – Lost In The Night (Original Mix)
Jingle – Stand By!

Part 5 * Mix Produced By: DJ Scratch, Norway (05/02-22) [NET ONLY!]:

Jingle – Opening
Vilas Monnappa – Psi3333
Axiome – Skylight (Original Mix)
Cafilo – Deal With You (Original Mix)
Opus Magnum – The House Messiah
DJ Gizzlar – Mahna Mahna (Original Mix)
Yves Larock – Rise Up (Club Mix)
Robin Roij – Zeus (Original Mix)
Jingle – Show End

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The Selection Of Songs, Ther Order And The Way They Are Mixed Together Does Not Have To Be Like On A Live Gig!