Playlist In The Mix 2021 – Week 49

(First Air Date: 11/12-21).

Part 1 * Mix Produced By: DJ Scratch, Norway (11/12-21):

Jingle – Opening
Yomil Y El Dany – Usa (Original Mix)
Jackie Boyz – Human Nature
Nucclehead – Who Trippin (Dirty)
Enrique Iglesias f./Farruko – ME PASE (PO Intro Edit)
Dee – Symbiote (Original Mix)
Henso – Wop (Dirty)
Tj Wit The Scar ft The Game – 2Wo X’S (Intro Dirty)
Ivan The Great – Created For Praise (Remix)
Ruth Goolsby – Jesus The Answer (Extended Mix)
MCZulu – Body Positive (Original Mix)
Jingle – Stand By!

Part 2 * Mix Produced By: DJ Scratch, Norway (11/12-21):

Jingle – Opening
Lil Jon – MF Birthday (Benja Styles Reggae Remix Dirty)
Cafdaly – Rain In The City (Original Mix)
Lore Alone ft Agus Bouquet – No Importa El Lugar (Radio Edit)
Bugzee Lix – Get It In (Latin Mix)
Tyga ft Chris Brown – Light It Up (DJ Jolly Jam Remix Dirty)
Nathan Evans – Merry Christmas Everyone
K7 – Zunga Zeng (Diamond Mix)
Fuimadane – Together We Will Stand (DJ Klapstol Remix)
JVCK JAMES – Love In The Club (Explicit)
Jingle – Stand By!

Part 3 * Mix Produced By: DJ Scratch, Norway (11/12-21):

Jingle – Opening
Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (Nda Remix)
Dekova & Erick Kasell ft Nobody Else – Coming For You Baby (Original Mix)
Riotron & GOLDHOUSE – Silent Night
Tobtok & farfetch’d – Have It All (Extended Mix)
DJ Vartan & Techcrasher – Say Say Say (Radio Edit)
Alex Ross & Futose vs Paul Woolford, Diplo & Kareen Lomax – Looking Separated (DJ Triple J Edit)
Amartya Paul ft Viktoria Sunshine – Christmas Tree (Original Mix)
Rogier Dulac – I Will Find You (Original Mix)
Jingle – Stand By!

Part 4 * Mix Produced By: DJ Scratch, Norway (11/12-21):

Jingle – Opening
Bug Z ft Bizarre – Bizarre Christmas (Dirty)
The Disko Starz & Amir Abbas – This Feeling (Original Mix)
Ewan Mcvicar – Plain Outta Luck (Original Mix)
False Identity – Shimmy yall(Master)
Villiam feat. Amanda Wilson – Some Love (Radio edit)
Bingo Players, Jay-Z, Kanye West – Rattle in Paris (SICK INDIVIDUALS Mashup)
Jingle – Stand By!

Part 5 * Mix Produced By: DJ Scratch, Norway (11/12-21) [NET ONLY!]:

Jingle – Opening
The Potbelleez – Don’t Hold Back (Original Radio Edit)
Farruko – Pepas (Paul STR Remix)
Back N Fourth – Best Friend (Higgo Extended Remix)
Jas Sizzles – Music Just Turns Me On (Original Mix)
Fuimadane – Koma Til (DJ Klapstol Remix)
Amen Uk – Passion (Ray Isaac Extended Remix)
Janousek – Stay (Original Mix)
James Welsh – Man & Minion (Original Mix)
Jingle – Show End

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