Donald Wilborn 24/01-15 (Facebook)

Best DJ in Scandinavia. Great mixes. Really promotes new music and also plays the classics and has plenty of custom edits and remixes to keep things fresh.

Posted by Donald Wilborn on Saturday, January 24, 2015

Vertical, The Detour 18/03-12 (E-Mail)

“In The Mix” w/ DJ Scratch, Norway is my favorite mix show out there. Any genre of music, any remix is not off limits. From music that is so new that we haven’t received it yet to music I haven’t heard in years, he really does play it all. Each segment of “In The Mix” is a musical, upbeat adventure. The show usually begins with Euro or American pop/rap, mixing in oldies, 80s, 90s of various genres with it. As the show progresses, more house, trance, and techno come into the mix. The show flows very well moving from a very up-beat song to a song with a slower beat… never with any silence or poor transition. The show will always keep you guessing as to what will be played next. I’ve heard anything from Latin to Asian mixed in. It has been a pleasure to feature In The Mix on our radio station, detour MUSIC, for many years now. As long as DJ Scratch, Norway continues to produce the show, we will always reserve him airtime on our station. His show fits perfectly with our eclectic mix and always begins a Saturday night the right way. DJ Scratch, Norway thank you for always entertaining us, exposing us to always interesting and new music, and keeping us hanging on to hear what plays next.

Vertical, The Detour Network, Knoxville, TN USA